Falcon Class Heavy Gunship

Designed to be a stealthy, fast and maneuverable heavy hitter, the Falcon Class has several 340mm railguns, 2 concussion missile bays, 12 turbo DES cannons, 10 heavy turbo cannons and 2 proton torpedo bays. It has plasma shielding and Electromagnetic Counter Measure Pods for defense.

It has a crew of 42, is .30 miles long, has a class 1 hyperdrive and a slipstream drive. Those attached to a Grand Imperial Fleet are equipped with state of the art surveillance and communications jamming technology and cloaking shields.  We have 22,000 of these in our fleet.

Huxley Class Gunship

This ship was built with three things in mind, speed, durability and destructive power. It has one 340mm railgun, two Quad Heavy Turbo DES cannons, 5 Turbo DES cannons, David Class Multipurpose Proton Torpedos, concussion missiles, and for defensive purposes is equipped with Electromagnetic Counter Measure Pods(adapted from Kutathi technology)which aid in distracting enemy missiles and torpedos. They are also equipped with Plasma Shield technology. It has hyperspace capabilities and is powered with Vector-J drives, which are basically the same as the Vector-A drives used in racing vessels, except that they are built for extended travel and are immensely larger.
It has some stealth capabilities as well, allowing it to "stay off the radar" except for the most advanced scanning systems. It's thrusters are designed from racing vessel components as well, though their exact specifications are classified at this time. Suffice it to say that they give the ship incredible maneuverability for it's size, almost enough to match some of the more outdated fighters used by others. It has a crew of 6 and can hold up to 3 passengers. It has a class 1.6 hyperdrive.
We have 27,475 of these in our fleet.

Vengeance Class Light Gunship/Long Range Bomber

The perfect meeting of firepower, range, speed and maneuverability, the Vengeance class is hyperspace capable and has four heavy turbo DES cannons, one 340mm rail gun, general purpose, proton and cluster bombs, and a variety of ship to ship and air to ground missiles. It is very maneuverable and fast for it's size, able to reach speeds of up to Mach 8.7. It has plasma shielding technology, deflector shields and a cloaking device. It has a crew of 2 and a class 1.7 hyperdrive.
We have 85,600 of these in our fleet.

Courier Class Ship

Built for speed, the Courier Class is mostly used to transport our government officials and other civilians. It has a plasma shield, deflector shield, two turbo DES cannons, and two DES cannons. It can also be fitted with a variety of other weapons if need be. It is hyperspace capable, has a crew of 3 to 5 and a class 2 hyperdrive.
We have 13,314 of these in our fleet.

Warbird Class Heavy Fighter/Light Bomber

The Warbird Class is a long range fighter/bomber capable of average speed(up to Mach 12.1)and immense destruction. It has the latest and best from HI TECH inc. in thrusters and firepower. It has a dual turbo DES cannon, a dual DES cannon and a variety of ship to ship and air to ground missiles, as well as general purpose bombs. It has deflector shields and state of the art stealth capabilities, it is virtually impossible to detect by radar. It has a class 4 hyperdrive.
We have 920,000 of these in our fleet.

Nemesis Class Fighter

The Nemesis Class is a medium range fighter capable of speeds up to Mach 13.7. Most of it's exact specifications are classified at this time, but it is equipped with three DES cannons and 10 ship to ship missiles. It is highly maneuverable,  has stealth capabilities and a deflector shield.
We have 1,580,000 of these in our fleet

Apollo Class Fighter

This space fighter is powered by one ZPeM, and has an Ionic Impulse engine and "turn on a dime" thrusters to give it remarkable manueverability.  This vessel carries a weapons compliment of one plasma cannon, 4 phase cannons, an ion deflector, and is guarded by rotational plasma shielding - giving it the ability to take full ion blasts with little damage.
We have 6,850 of these in our fleet.

Dromedary Class Ship

Meter for meter, this ship can carry more cargo than any other ship in our fleet. HI TECH inc. designed this ship for it's Import/Export division. It has a crew of 380.
We have 11,197 of these in our fleet.

Normandy Class

This is the Normandy Class ship. It is used for recon and research missions, and as a small transport for a Spec Ops Team. It is very fast and quiet and is virtually invisible except for a visual sighting.
It can hold about a few tanks/transports and a few dozen heavily armed troops.
And despite its looks it packs a powerful punch offensively. It has one plasma cannon and ship to ship missiles. It has a crew of 40
We have 900 of these in our fleet.

Pelican Class Dropship

Oftentimes called the workhorse of the fleet, the Pelican class is capable of holding 1 APC and 30 troops. it is equipped with air to ground and air to air missiles, 3 .50 caliber Gatling guns and 3 30mm automatic cannons. It has a crew of three.

Nightingale Class Dropship

Used for dropping small teams of Spec Ops troops into heated situations. Equipped with two .50 caliber Gatling guns, three 30mm automatic cannons and a variety of air to ground and air to air missiles. It is well armored, quite stealthy, fast and maneuverable. It has a crew of two.

The Marines

The land force branch of our Space Fleet, our Marines are highly trained in the art of war. Shown here is a Drow Marine in Nanosuit 1 armor, using a JAM Scorpion assault rifle.