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These are some of the many items that are available to the public:

Diplomat Class Cruiser

This ship was built with speed and comfort in mind, as it was designed to transport civilians from planet to planet during peacetime. It has 1 restaurant, 1 swimming pool, 2 spas, and a variety of other luxuries aboard. And it has a variety of cabins to accommodate almost any of the more common sentient species. But it has some armament as well, including 2 turbo DES cannons and 3 plasma torpedos bays. It has a crew of 400.
Price: 95 million credits per unit.

HIT G-48 Luxury Jet


HIT G-40 Luxury Mini Jet

1,400,000 credits

HIT A-20 Orca Luxury Yacht

4,490,000 credits

E-4 Series Protocol Droid

The E-4 is an invaluable addition to any government's diplomatic dept., as it is fluent in every known language in the multiverse, and is familiar with the customs and manners of over 85% of known cultures. It is also equipped with a sound and video recorder, and is capable of playback.
Price: 180 thousand credits per unit.

W-5 Multi Purpose Droid

If you can think of it, the W-5 can probably do it. Whether it be repairing a fighter jet, serving drinks at a social function, recording conversations, the list goes on.
Price: 159 thousand credits per unit.

HIT 31 series Hover Car

The latest and best in private transportation. It is capable of speeds up to 185 MPH. The 31 series seats 2 passengers, and is hydrogen and solar powered. It has all the features of any luxury car, including voice command options for practically everything except steering and speed control.
Price: 125 thousand credits per unit

HIT 11 series Automobile

The 11 series is a hydrogen powered roadster capable of speeds up to 190 MPH. It has voice command windows and temperature control.
Price: 95 thousand credits

HIT 20 series Motorbike

The 20 series can be summed up in one word: fun. With state of the art suspension and a max speed of about 170 MPH, this bike is a must have. But they are also very useful for Police Departments, and other government agencies.
Price: 60 thousand credits per unit.

HIT 15 Series Scooter

28 thousand credits per unit

The items below are only sold to allies with Favored Diplomatic Staus (FDS), for security reasons

U-1 Super Destroyer Droid

The U-1 is the latest and best military droid made by HI TECH. It has been described as a one "man" platoon. It is equipped with 2 flechette cannons and two 35mm grenade launchers, one on each arm. And it can grasp almost any weapon or tool with it's hands, mounted on it's third and fourth arms. Under ideal conditions it is capable of speeds up to 35 miles per hour. It has artificial intelligence beyond anything we have made thus far, with the exception of the E-4 Protocol Droid.
Price: 348 thousand credits per unit.

N-1 Destroyer Droid

The N-1 was our first military droid, and we still have over 2,000,000 in service in our own military. It's right arm is equipped with a .45 cal. assault rifle, and it is capable of holding a variety of weapons it's left hand.
Price: 130 thousand credits per unit.