Our Flag: The upper left point represents the element earth, the upper right represents wind, mid right is fire and mid left is water. The bottom point represents space. These are the Elements Arcana, and are sacred to the Vvrkresh.

Our Motto:

In Common: We Are The Shades Of Grey

In Drow:
Udos Ph'  L' Seke'olathen D' Mith

In Nihilese
: Muid Bréag Scáth Ceithre Liath

Our War Anthem:

Our Anthem:

Durus Balara Do'Urden, Supreme Ruler of the Empire and Over-Lord of the Orders of the Dark Wizards

     One of the strongest Dark Qu'el'faeruks(Dark Wizards) of the Empire, he is the Over-Ventash'ma(Over-Lord) of the Orders of the Dark Qu'el'faeruks. Durus also has 5 doctorates(keep in mind he's over 350 years old), one in medicine, one in history, one in horticulture, one in psychology and one in cultural anthropology. He is also a skilled Mer'ghi warrior. Durus is a Higher Elemental, meaning that not only is he an Elemental, he has also mastered the element Space.
     Like most Drow, he is pragmatic and somewhat cold and aloof in nature. However, he has been known to be magnanimous and warm, on rare occasions, and almost always when dealing with nations Vvrkresh considers to be Brothers.

Halisstra Mez'Barris Do'Urden, Empress of the Empire and Priestess of Lolth

Halisstra is one of the first Consorts of the Crown, male or female, to be granted royal status by the The Council of Greater Nobles. She has authority to represent the Supreme Ruler with his permission when he is unavailable. She is known for her wisdom and grace and has 3 doctorates, one in Mathematics, one in Biology and one in Multiversal History

Selakiir Berg'inyon Do'Urden, Crown Prince of the Empire, Duke of Llurth Dreier and Under-Lord of the Order of the Blue Raven

The Son of Drizzt Do'Urden, Lord and Commander of the Mer'ghi, and nephew of Durus Do'Urden, Selakiir is a skilled Dark Wizard, well on his way to being the best in his Order. His personality is much like his Father's, unusually warm and kind for a Drow, but not to the same extent. He has two doctorates, one in Military History and one in Quantum Physics.

The staff of office of the Over-Ventashma of the Orders of the Dark Quelfaeruks, Durus Balara DoUrden, 1.8 meters in length
The DoUrden family swords, passed down to each heir of the throne on their coronation day