A Brief Summary of our History

The nation of Vvrkresh has been around since the 5th century CE(as far as the Earth calendar is concerned) It started as a small settlement of exiled Drow on the planet Otimoisaria, with time it grew into a nation of hundreds of thousands that took over the rest of the planet piece by piece, assimilating the Drow into their ranks and killing the rest of the sentient species.
     In the early 11th century CE(again, using the Earth calendar) they began to look into intergalactic travel and discovered the Stargates. Using these they took over the planet N'tari and assimilated the local population, this time sparing most of them, Drow and non-Drow alike. As time went on and Vvrkresh made more advances in intergalactic travel and warfare the Empire spread.
     With time they decided to join the Demagan Empire, and became the Third Crown of Demaga. However, decades later the Empire left the DE and went into isolation, though they remained the Brothers of the Necropyre and still do. They have now re-emerged and are making a name for themselves once more as a single and independent entity, albeit with close ties to many of the darker Empires and Nations of the Multiverse, and some not so dark.

House Do'Urden

The Do'Urden house is the Imperial House, the heir to the throne is chosen from the Do'Urden family by the Council of Greater Nobles. Both females and males may be chosen, the heir must prove him or herself to be capable, and must have a doctorate in a field of their choosing.

Prominent members of the Do'Urden House(family):

Durus Balara Do'Urden, Supreme Ruler of the Empire and Over-Ventash'ma of the Orders of the Dark Qu'el'faeruks
Halisstra Mez'Barris Do'Urden, Empress of the Empire and Priestess of Lolth
Selakiir Berg'inyon Do'Urden, Crown Prince of the Empire, Duke of Llurth Dreier and Under-Lord of the Order of the Blue Raven
Baerylmuth Do'Urden, High Priestess of Lolth
Drizzt Do'Urden, Lord and Commander of the Mer'ghi Warriors
Eclavdra Do'Urden, General in the Imperial Army of Vvrkresh and Duchess of Isoldai
Kalannar Do'Urden, Ventash'ma of the Order of the Dark Rose and Baron of Fanaedar

Council of Greater Nobles

The Council of Nobles is a sort of advisory board to the Supreme Valuk, and they also choose the heir to the throne, out of the House of Do'Urden. Each of the 12 greater noble houses sends 3 representatives, one skilled in finance and education, one skilled in military affairs and one skilled in foreign affairs and diplomacy. There is a Council of Lesser Nobles that advises the Supreme Valuk on other matters.

The Tech-Mages

Technologies such as power sources for our cities are a blend of science and Arcana, the Tech-Mages are charged with the responsibility of developing and maintaining both aspects. Vulcans have proven to be quite suited for this field, over 70% of our Tech-Mages are Vulcans.

The Dark Qu'el'faeruks(Dark Wizards)

The Badge of the Dark Wizards
    Ancient rivals of the Servants of Lolth, the Dark Qu'el'faeruks are predominantly male, as opposed to the female dominated Servants of Lolth. Despite their name, most of them are just as skilled in the light and neutral arts as they are in the dark arts, though a few of the Orders are known to focus mainly on the dark arts.
    They are known for their summoning(both living and inanimate objects)and healing skills, and many of them can morph into forms besides their natural form. They also are trained in defensive spells, offensive spells, teleportation and many other types of spells including the ability to summon and manipulate the elements Arcana, earth, wind, fire, water and space.
    At first they only allowed Drow into their ranks, but there are rumors of Nihili Dark Wizards now, and even a few Nautolans. They are divided into 200 Orders, each led by a Ventash'ma(Lord)of the Order who has 6 Under-Ventash'mas beneath him and consisting of 3 thousand Dark Wizards.
    The Ventash'mas of the Orders form the Senior Council of Dark Qu'el'faeruks which is led by the Over-Ventash'ma of the Orders and meets every year to discuss issues concerning their Orders. The Dark Qu'el'faeruks are fiercely loyal to the Empire, and serve as battlemages and healers in time of war.

The City of Spiders, the Headquarters of the Orders of the Dark Wizards

The Guild Arcana

    Mostly consisting of Nihili Wizards and Witches, they also have Nautolans within their ranks, as well as a few Drow, some clan-less Witches of Eire and a hodge podge of other sentient species. They do not have an official alignment, but they have traditionally allied with the Dark Qu'el'faeruks.
    They hire themselves out as bodyguards and other, sometimes less legitimate, types of jobs. They number in the hundreds of thousands, and have a somewhat loose rank structure, mostly on the local level, with a guild master in every major city and town. Like all Arcane and magickal groups in the Empire, they are bound to the service of the Empire with a blood oath.

Our Economy

The Currency of the Empire is the Naria. We do not use paper bills or coins for the Naria, all transactions are conducted via electronic devices called data pads, or DP's for short. For intergalactic transactions however, we use the Empera Crown. The majority of the businesses in our Empire are owned by the Empire, including our biggest employer, Humanist Isles Technology inc., Commonly known as HI TECH inc., or HIT inc.
    Our major exports are vehicles, both land bound and space faring, droids, soybeans, chickpeas, a variety of grains, and rice. HIT inc. also produces most of our military equipment, Jester Arms provides the majority of the rest.

Religious Demographics

The majority of our citizens are Pantheists, including almost all of the Wood Elves, Witches of Eire, Guardians, Wookiees and Cereans, some of the Drow, Twi'Leks and Nautolans and most of the Nihili. 16% are non-religious, mostly Athiests, Deists and Agnostics, including over 99% of the Vulcans, some of the Nihili, Nautolans and Twi'Leks and a few of the Drow. But 18% of our citizens, mostly Drow, are worshipers of Lolth, though she is more or less their name for nature, they are essentially Pantheists. About 1% follow "The Path", and 5% are listed as "other", consisting of over 50 religions from all over the Multiverse, none of which have enough followers in Vvrkresh to be listed individually.


The most common languages in the Empire are Drow, Nihilese, Ancient Sith and Vulcan. Nihilese is based on the ancient Earth language, Irish Gaelic.


We have a 10 year mandatory education system, consisting of 4 years of elementary education, 3 years of intermediate education and 3 years of academy prep. Upon completing academy prep students may attend free state universities, where they can earn a 2 year, 4 year, masters or doctorate degree. Though university attendance is not mandatory, over 78% of our citizens go on to receive at least a 2 year degree, and a little less than 11% go on to earn at least one doctorate.

High Holidays

Almost all of the various races have their own holidays, but these are the holidays celebrated throughout the Empire

Bel'la d'lil Ze'zhuanthen: A day to honor the Ancient ones and the element space

The Day of Earth: A day set aside to celebrate the Arcane Element Earth.

The Day of Wind: A day set aside to celebrate the Arcane Element Wind.

The Day of Fire: A day set aside to celebrate the Arcane Element Fire

The Day of Water: A day set aside to celebrate the Arcane Element Water

Tangi d'lil Empire: A day to celebrate the glory and might of Vvrkresh

Bel'la d'lil Elghinyrr: A day to honor veterans, both living and dead

A Summary Of A Few Of Our Laws

The word of the Supreme Valuk is law, to disobey said word is to invite severe punishment

There shall be no discrimination based on gender

Same sex civil unions are allowed

Polygamy is allowed

Healthcare will not be denied to any of our citizens(Note that slaves are not citizens of the Empire)

Every citizen has freedom of religion, provided that the religion of their choice poses no threat to society

Recreational drugs including alcohol will be allowed, albeit heavily regulated

The 12 Greater Houses of Vvrkresh:

The 12 Greater Houses are the elite Houses(families) of the Empire, next to the Imperial House of Do'Urden that is. They serve in the most important positions of government. Here is a list of them:

Barrison Del'Armigo

The Elements Arcana

There are 4 lesser elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. There is a 5th element which is considered most sacred, Space. These 5 elements are the lifeblood of the Empire. Some have even become one with the elements, usually just the 4 lesser elements, but some have even mastered the greater element to the extent that they have also become one with Space itself. Those who become one with the elements retain their original form, but can also morph into the elements.

Vvrkresh Public Transit System(VPTS)

In order to minimize pollution and traffic congestion, the usage of private vehicles is limited by law. However, we have one of the largest and most efficient public transit systems in the Multiverse. Here are a few of the vehicles used by the state owned Vvrkresh Public Transit System.
HIT X-90 Inter-Galactic Transit System
HIT X-40 Supersonic Jet/intergalactic transit system
HIT X-10 Long Distance Monorail Transit System
HIT X-15 Rail Transit System
HIT X-4 Trolley System
HIT X-3 Rural Public Transit System
An Experimental Design For Premium Public Transit