In parenthesis are the alternate names that either the race calls themselves, other races call them, or in some cases both

The Drow(Dark Elves)

    The Drow are a humanoid species, originally from their home world of Lolth. Rumor has it that the blood of Rasa courses through their veins. They were driven from there millenniums ago, and now wander the galaxy, serving as bodyguards and mercenaries for the most part. But our Empire has the largest known population of Drow, most of whom have settled here. They are a pragmatic race with an icy chill to their personality sometimes, especially when dealing with non-Drow.
    Drow can be xenophobic at times, but their xenophobia is usually subservient to their pragmatism. Drow made edged weapons have proven to be of the highest quality, and their skill with them, especially with twin scimitars, as one of their own, Drizzt Do'Urden by name, is shown holding, is deadly beyond description. When it comes to stealth, the Drow are hard to match.
    They are a quiet people, using words sparingly. When talking amongst themselves they oftentimes use their complex and hard to learn sign language. They show great aptitude when it comes to learning other race's languages, some have even mastered the language of the Ice Bears, which is considered by many linguists to be one of the most complex languages in the multiverse. It is uncommon to find a Drow, male or female over 5'10, and most of them are shorter than 5'8.
    Their hair is invariably white, their eyes are usually violet, though some are completely black. Due to their heritage of living underground they have infrared vision along with their "normal" vision. Their skin is similar to the Africans of Earth, with a slightly purple tint. They are an incredibly agile species. It is not uncommon for them to live up to 2,200 years, they are not considered adults in their culture till they are about 28 years old. They are trained in the traditional warrior methods of the Drow from the age of 12 to 30. With few exceptions, all Drow are force sensitive. They make up about 36 percent of our population(over 5.2 billion in number).

The Nihili(Wolfmen)

    The most common species in our Empire, even though they were unheard until 2080. Two platoons of Force Recon Commandos were infected by a clan of Nihili on a mission. It spread, and now the human race is virtually non existent in our Empire. We have been able to determine that they share a common ancestor with the WereWolfens of Rebelion. The Nihili stand about 2.4-2.7 meters tall, are highly intelligent and have retractable claws.
     They have great endurance, strength and agility, and can run at great speeds, on all fours or upright. They have a keen sense of smell, superb hearing and excellent night vision. They can recover from minor wounds within minutes, and more serious wounds within hours or days, depending on the severity. And their immune system is excellent, almost matching that of WereWolfens.
     Their forepaws have great dexterity, quite similar to hands, allowing them to handle tools and weapons with as much skill as the average human. And they are capable of telepathy. From what intel we have gathered, they seem to have a life span of about 1,300 years. Shown here is Jarlath Ceroni, one of our Generals.
     The Nihili have the ability to communicate with Wolves, Foxes, Dogs and other canines and can morph into one or more of the canine breeds. They make up about 40 percent(over 6 billion in number)of our total population.

The Vulcans

    A humanoid species that prefers logic and reason over emotion, and tend to be vegetarians. In general they are a peaceful species, but when logic dictates that violence is needed they will use it. They are all capable of telepathy and the "Vulcan mind meld", where they can transfer thoughts to one another, erase memories and cause unconsciousness.
    Vulcans are a tall, fast and agile race, and have been know to live well over 200 years. They make excellent diplomats, scientists, lawyers and school teachers, though many have been quite successful with military service. (Think of them as a combination of 'normal' Vulcans and the 'evil' Mr. Spock from an alternate universe in the Star Trek episode "Mirror Mirror".) Vulcans are not force sensitive, in fact they are force void, the force has no effect whatsoever on them. They comprise about 11 percent of our population.(over 1.7 billion in number)

The Witches of Eire(Children of Earth)

At first glance one might think the Witches of Eire are Humans, but they most certainly are not. They have a lifespan that rivals that of the Wood Elves, and they have magickal powers, both light and dark, mostly through manipulation of the Arcane elements, earth, wind, fire, water and space. Like all practitioners of the arcane arts that reside in the Empire they must swear a blood oath of loyalty to the Empire. They are all females, Earth itself takes the form of a man and impregnates them when they perform an ancient and sacred ceremony invoking the essence of fertility. Because of this their affinity with the Element Earth is very strong.
    Their souls do not reside in their body, rather their spirit is in the form of a bird, the breed of which varies from witch to witch. The Witches call their bird spirits "Daemons". The Witches fly about on branches that they "sing" from trees using magick, similar to the way the Guardians get the wood for their bows. The Witches of Eire live in clans, and each clan is led by a 'Queen'(the closest translation in the common tongue). They live mostly on Eire, and comprise about 4 percent of our population.(over 600 million in number)

The Wookiees(Tree Folk)(People of the Forest)

The Wookiees of Vvrkresh are descended from a clan of Wookiees banished for being Madclaws(using their retractable claws in combat). Wookiees are tall bestial looking creatures, about 7 feet tall or more on average. They are known for their natural skill as mechanics, and were one of the first races to master hyperspace travel. They live mostly on N'tari, in the forests, and comprise about 3 percent of our population(over 450 million in number).

The Siranii(Wood Elves)

A reclusive and secretive race for the most part, with immense respect for nature, the Wood Elves are a wise race. Most of them are Pantheists and only kill in self defense and sometimes for food. They are close allies with the Wookiees of N'tari, it is not unheard of for Wookiees and Siranii to create symbiotic communities, sharing their skills and gifts with each other. They can be seen often in the skies over N'tari, riding their Pegasi.
    They typically live 1,700 to 2,000 years, aging slowly once they have matured. They have innate arcane skills, including the ability to heal and the manipulation of the Arcane elements. Wood Elves are about 5'4 to 5'9 in height, have a slender build and are often covered in tattoos. They make up about 1 percent of our population.(over 150 million in number)

The Nautolans

The Nautolans are an amphibious humanoid species. They have excellent swimming skills and good low light vision. The most famous Nautolan is probably the deceased Jedi Master Kit Fisto, the "hero" of the Clone Wars. They stand about 1.8 meters tall on average, usually have green, blue or brown skin and have large black or maroon eyes that never blink. Their average lifespan is around 215 years. They make up about 4 percent of our population(over 600 million in number)and live mostly on F'ra, with it's many water systems 

The Cereans

The Cereans are one of the most intelligent species in our Empire. They have multiple brains, allowing them to be superior to most species at multi-tasking. They have two hearts. They are a peaceful race, many of them are pacifists. They are a calm, rational and analytical species, and have an immense appreciation for the arts, especially music. Their average life span is about 105 years, and they make up a little less than one percent of our Empire's population(over 150 million in number). They live primarily on F'ra

The Wer-Cats

A strange and reclusive race that lives in the mountains and hills of Ev'Baran. Their 'natural' form is almost Human, albeit a little shorter and hairier, and somewhat feline. But they can easily morph into the creature shown here, a Cat-like humanoid body with large wings. In their Cat form their wings are the same color as their hair in their Human form. They wield a wild form of Arcana and are usually kind and well mannered when they choose to interact with the outside world. Their are about 500,000 Wer-Cats in the Empire.

The Wer-Lupine(Dark Ones)

A race of Were-Wolf like creatures with somewhat Wolverine-like features as well. Wer-Lupines wield black magic with great skill and are a force to be reckoned with in hand to hand combat. It is said that they can "drink a river of blood and not burst, and lie on the Ice for a thousand years and not freeze." They stand about 6.5 feet tall. Wer-Lupines live in small communities called Covens, each led by a "Master". They are loosely allied with the Dark Wizards and are loyal to the Empire. There are about 440,000 of them in Vvrkresh.

The Sangure(Vampires)

In 2451 The Supreme Valuk decided to turn the Human population of the Empire into Vampire like creatures that would serve as immortal soldiers to be used in high risk military missions, and to guard the Imperial Family and embassies. They have been through conditioning that makes them unquestionably loyal to the Empire.
    Their agility, reflexes, speed and strength is superb, and their eyesight and sense of smell is excellent. Due to alterations made after their conditioning they are impervious to sunlight, unlike most Vampires. They have retractable claws and fangs, making them formidable in hand to hand combat. They make up about 1 percent of the Empire's population.(about 150 million in number)

The Humans(Daquinis)(Vardain)

There are only about 180 thousand Humans left in the Empire.

The Elementai

The Elementai are the most powerful beings in the Empire, with the possible exception of the Nepherim. They are beings that have mastered the Arcane Elements(Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Space)to the extent that they have become one with them. They retain their original body, but can morph into one or more of the elements at will.

The Nepherim(Ancient Ones)

An ancient race from the realm of the immortals, they wield great power, yet they stay out of the affairs of mortals with few exceptions. They are few in number, there are less than 100 that reside(if they can be said to reside anywhere)in Vvrkresh. They are usually around 7 feet tall and always have piercing eyes and jet black hair.

The Ice Bears (Armored Bears)(Panserbjorne)

Creatures of great wisdom and pride, the Ice Bears have a code of honor and duty rarely found. When they have made a promise they will fulfill it, or die trying. One of the largest sentient species in the Empire, they stand about 10 feet tall and weigh as much as 1400 lbs. Their strength, teeth and claws make them formidable foes, and they wear armor made of a metal called "sky iron", one of the strongest metals in the multiverse. They have dexterous paws, with oposable thumbs. They are natives of Svalbard, on Earth, and evolved from the Polar Bears of Earth. There are about 128,000 that live in the Empire.

The Minotai(Ox-Men)

A strange hybrid of Bovine and Humanoid, the Minotai are much friendlier than many think when they first see them. They have a deep voice and gruff exterior, but can be quite jovial. They live in clan-like groups led by an elected Chieftain, mostly on Xia and stand about 2.3 meters tall. They wield the light and neutral Arcane arts with skill, and have been known to use the Dark Arts when needed. About 400,000 of them live in Vvrkresh.

The Dragonai

The Dragonai are an ancient species. They can teleport, fly, use telekinesis, mind control, and much more. They have healing abilities beyond any other mortal species we have seen thus far. Not all of their abilities are known, as they are a secretive race, preferring seclusion. As far as we know they can potentially live several thousand years, they must have a very low birth rate, otherwise N'tari would be overflowing with them by now.
    They had a feud with the Guardians that had been going on for over 90,000 years. After the Empire took N'tari the Dragonai were forced to sign a peace treaty with the Guardians. Their average height is a little over three meters. There are about 67,000 of them that live in our Empire, all on N'tari.

The Guardians(Centaurs)

The Guardians are another ancient species living on N'tari that wield arcane magic. They guard and tend the forests with their magic and can foretell the future by reading the stars. Their skill with the longbow is unrivaled, not to mention that their arrows are made using arcane magic and thus they can cause immense damage, depending on how much the user wants them to cause, and do not easily miss.
    They "sing" their arrows and bows from living trees without causing any harm to the trees. Their lifespan is about 6,500 years, there are only 83,000 of them left, in 2112 they were almost wiped out by a mysterious disease.

The Shades(Shadow-Men)

The Shades are a race of Magick users that wield black Magick from a strange and unknown source. They keep to themselves for the most part, and live on New Eire. There are about 120,000 of them.

The Faerun(Little Folk)(Fairies)

The smallest sentient race in Vvrkresh, it is uncommon to find a Faerun taller than 24 inches. They live in the forests of N'tari, and are known for their mischievous nature and their strange and wild magick. There are about 130,000 of them, mostly on N'tari


Natives of the planet Xia, the Satyrs are ancient allies of the Minotai, though their interpretation of the arts Arcana is a bit darker than their Bovine brothers. Satyrs have a rather serious disposition on average, and stand about 2 meters tall. There are about 460,000 of them, and they live in clans led by elected chieftains.


Descendants of the inhabitants of a planet destroyed by Vvrkresh centuries ago in war, the Fauns serve as slaves to the Noble Drow families. They are half goat, half man, stand about 1.6 meters tall and are reasonably intelligent. They have been stripped of their Arcane abilities as a race. There are about 470,000 of them in the Empire Their numbers are carefully maintained and are not allowed to exceed 500,000..