Lolth and her servants

Lolth is the Goddess of the Drow, though some, notably the Vulcans, say she is a demi-goddess at the most, and probably no more than a very powerful witch. Others, including many of her worshipers, view her as being nature itself, nothing more, nothing less. The Servants of Lolth are forced to swear a blood oath of loyalty to the Empire, and are often-times drafted into service in time of war. The following is part of the popular myth surrounding Lolth and her servants, which may or may not be true. On occasion she appears to the High Priestess, but she usually stays in her impenetrable lair, deep in the Underdark. Any mortal that attempts to go near her lair is consumed by darkness and insanity, never to recover. Usually she communicates through visions imparted to her servants.

Her most blessed servants are the Priestesses of Lolth, led by the High Priestess of Lolth, appointed by Lolth herself upon the death of the current High Priestess through visions imparted to the High Council of Lolth, a group consisting of usually anywhere from 4 to 15 of the most powerful Priestesses. The High Priestess is almost invariably selected from the High Council. The powers granted to the Priestesses by Lolth include telepathy, the ability to summon lightning, the ability to summon a dark globe to blind their enemy in battle, the ability to discern lies from truth, clairvoyance,  mind control, telekinesis and the ability to produce temporary insanity in almost any creature.

And like all Drow, they have the power of levitation and have infrared vision, allowing them to see clearly in the darkest cave. The High Council Priestesses are granted the power of teleportation. The signature weapons of the Priestesses are their whips, which are essentially live venomous serpents with three heads, and their poisoned daggers.  However, some Priestesses prefer to carry swords and other edged weapons as well. The Drow Priests are her second most blessed servants, they serve under the Priestesses. Lolth grants them the power of telepathy, the ability to produce lightning and a few other abilities. The exact number of Priestesses and Priests is unknown outside of their ranks, though most assume that the Priests outnumber the Priestesses. What is known is that both groups number in the thousands.

The current High Council of Lolth:

Baerylmuth Do'Urden, High Priestess of Lolth

The elder sister of Durus Do'Urden she is known for her wisdom, power and dislike of all races besides her own. She is perhaps the most powerful High Priestess in recent memory, her powers are well balanced. Like all High Priestesses, she can summon and control venomous spiders from tattoos on her chest. She is an Elemental.

Jaelryn Mlezziir

Widely known for her unmatched skill with telekinesis, she is fond of using her twin scimitars as telekineticly controlled boomerangs. She is probably the most deadly of all the Priestesses, with the possible exception of the High Priestess.

Vielyth A'Daragon

Known for her hatred of all males and cruelty towards all creatures she considers inferior. She prefers her whip and daggers, but is quite proficient with her powers as well.

Amalica Dyrr

One of the two Half Drow on the council, Amalica is half Human. She is highly skilled in wielding lighting.

G'eldriia Yril'Lysaen

Known for her skill with edged weapons, she is also one of the best wielders of mind control.

Khaless Lueltar

Known for her skill with telekinesis and clairvoyance. She also has the rare gift of prophecy.

Elvraema Illistyn

One of the two Half Drow on the council, she is half Wood Elf, or as the Drow Elves call them, "Siranii", meaning "pale Elf". Her power with telekinesis is surpassed only by Jaelryn Mlezziir.

Elerra Hyluan

Known for her skill in induced insanity, some say she herself is turning insane due to her overuse of that power.

The City of Lolth, Headquarters of the Servants of Lolth