The Mer'ghi Warriors

Mer'ghi is the ancient sword training of Demaga. the Mer'ghi warriors are the Warrior Elite. Trained to fight, kill, die, and live with honor uncommon in the present day galaxy. Think of their blades as an extension of their body, not as pieces of metal. And they use a sidearm and assault rifle or SMG of their choice. The Mer'ghi are sworn to the service of the Do'Urden House, they form as sort of private army for the Supreme Ruler. They are led by Drizzt Do'Urden, Durus' younger brother.

All of their blades are made with lolthice metal laced with Cortosis ore, a substance that causes lightsabers to temporarily short out. They also have telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Their armor is made of mithril strengthened by Arcana, though they also use nanosuits when the situation calls for it. They wear bracers on their forearms and ankles blessed by Arcana that give them enhanced speed and strength.

Hardening of the mind and body makes them tougher and agile while aiding in being resistant to the force.

The Supreme Valuk's bodyguard consists of Mer'ghi Warriors, along with members of other Special Forces units. Shown on the left is a Mer'ghi in standard uniform.

Merghi Insignia
Standard Merghi Battle Uniform
Squad of Merghi on traditional mounts, ready for a dress parade
Merghi mithril armor, worn over mithril tunic with hood
The city of Melee Magaerthe, headquarters of the Merghi

The Dark Matukai

Millenniums ago there was a nomadic group of force users called the Matukai. They used poleaxes which were strengthened with the force and laced with cortosis ore that could match even a lightsaber, a process similar to how the ancient Sith Lords made their swords. Through channeling the force they were able to use their poleaxes with amazing strength, speed and accuracy. Ancient scrolls describing the skills and methods of the Matukai, along with how to make their poleaxes, which they called wan-shens, were found in 2096. The order of the Dark Matukai was founded in 2097.
    The Dark Matukai have all the powers of the Matukai, and more, due to the fact that they do not limit themselves to only neutral and light powers. Some of their powers include immunity to poison and illness, the ability to control their body temperature, the ability to make their hands so hot they can burn flesh, without harming themselves and the ability to make their body a sort of natural armor, by making it so hard it can withstand blows from a normal edged weapon, and even resist light caliber rounds.
    And their agility and perception is so great that they can dodge or deflect almost any projectile. Along with these Matukai skills they are also trained in many Sith skills. They have three ranks, Senior Adept, Adept and Apprentice. The Senior Adepts and Adepts are members of our Elite Special Forces, along with the Mer'ghi, Sangure,Bregan-Daerthe and Bur'Kesh.

The Bur'Kesh Warriors

There is ascension and transcension, to transcend one must connect with their baser instincts. Many feel that the barbarity of the baser instincts are to be shunned away from, but warriors understand that the animal in us all will fight, evade, and survive like none other. To connect with that will not only make one whole, but it will also save your life. The Bur'Kesh Warriors are mostly Nihili, though there are a few other species in their ranks.


A warrior discipline that combines elements of the Ninjas of the ancient Earth nation Japan with Arcana, especially the element wind.

Drow Archers

A unit created just for the Neveris War, recruited from the ranks of the Army and Marines. Their arrows are not ordinary arrows, they are blessed by Arcana and cause immense damage.

Wood Elf Archers

Some of the greatest archers in the Empire, the Wood Elves have gathered their best archers to help defend the Empire in the war with the Neveris. Their arrows hold great power, think of their arrows as wands used as projectiles. They are also a force to be reckoned with when they wield their long, curved and wickedly sharp fighting knives.