Some of our Armor Systems and Vehicles:

Nanosuit 1(2&4 from left)and Nanosuit 2(1&3 from left)

From Jester Arms, our premium armor systems provider

The 4 vehicles directly below all use Furi'Zel purchased PolyShield Technology

HIT MX-80 Aerial Scout

The MX-80 is a jet powered scout vehicle capable of limited hovering and equipped with a 12.7x120mm minigun. It can reach speeds and altitude beyond the MX-43, shown to the right, the exact numbers are classified.

HIT MX-43 Aerial Scout

The X-43 is capable of gaining up to 390 feet in altitude in ideal conditions, and up to 155 mph in speed. It has a 12.7x120mm minigun mounted on it.

HIT M55 Light Speeder Bike

Built for speed and maneuverability, the M55 can reach speeds beyond 200mph and is almost completely quiet. It has no armament as it is used for covert scouting and is too light and compact to have weaponry attached. 

HIT M65 Heavy Speeder Bike

Capable of speeds beyond 140mph and equipped with a 12.7x120mm minigun

HIT M238  SF APC(Amphibious)

Used by our special forces units.

HIT M385 Light APC Scout(Amphibious)

JAM M137A2 (Pitbull)

From Jester Arms
the M137A2, or Pitbull as its known, is a rapid response highly mobile Infantry fighting vehicle with a solid amount of armor protection and a significant offensive punch alone. then you factor in the 12 soldiers being carried inside. Its highly effective. designed to drop infantry into a firefight and transport them long distances cross country. its powerful twin turbo Inline 6 Diesel Engine (Caterpillar) allows the Pitbull o reach speed of 65 to 70 miles per hour across flat ground. (high survivability)

HIT M845 Armored Patrol Vehicle

Shown here mounted with a 12.7x120mm machine gun.

JAM Hellion Mark V Main Battle Tank

From Jester Arms
the Hellion Mark V Main Battle Tank. just a good solid tank... Excellent armor, exceptional Fire Control Computers, and an extremely reliable XJ86m Turbine engine powerplant. the 150mm Smooth Bore Main Cannon fires a devastating 40mm Tungsten Penetrator Dart wrapped in a 150mm Sabot. max gun range 5 miles. Muzzle velocity 2 miles per second. with a great cross country speed of 55mph and the latest in turret attitude control the vehicle can target an enemy tank on the top of one ridge prep the shot and fire upon clearing the next ridge while moving as the tank is still behind cover... in a shoot out with any lesser of a tank. this behemoth has been known to shoot completely through the other tank, sometimes shattering them in half. a few even landed lucky hits and have torn the turrets right out of soviet style T72 and Chinese T80s. it also come equipped with a .50 caliber Coaxial Machine gun in the turret controlled by the gunner. and when engaging anything other than a main battle tank it will switch from the Sabot shell to the HEAT shell which is a chemical incendiary pentrator round (HEAT stands for High Explosive Acting Thermite) upon striking the other vehicle it shaped charge on the tip of the shell blow torches a hole through the armor of the enemy vehicle them kinetic force inserts the liquid thermite into the vehicle through the hole upon ignition Molten metal the thermite raises the temperature inside the enemy vehicle a few thousand degrees in less than a second (pretty nasty way to go if you ask me)

HIT Executor Hover Battle Tank

Developed by HIT, it has a twin barreled 150 mm railgun and a 20mm chaingun. It's automated defense system and armor is modeled closely after JAM's Mark VI MBT. It's main role is tank to tank combat, but it is a versatile machine capable of many tasks.

JAM Mark VI Main Battle Tank

With a 150mm rail gun, an automated defense system(grenade launchers, smoke screen, point defense laser system), 20mm coaxial chaingun and mik lik launchers, this is a tank above any other tank in production. It has 5 inches of hardened ceramic polymer and nano fiber for armor.

HIT Ozelot Mobile SAM Hover Unit

Demagan Rocket Assisted Guided Artillery Unit(Multiple Launch Rocket System)

From Jester Arms

HIT 200mm Mobile Railgun Howitzer

A behemoth of an artillery piece that is truly a terror on the battlefield. It's twin barreled system gives it an incredible rate of fire.

HIT Long Range 170 MM Mobile Howitzer

One of our most accurate artillery units, with incredible range. The 170mm sabot round has a 40mm tungsten core.

HIT M20 Light Water Assault Craft

Armed with one 12.7x120mm chaingun and one 40mm automatic grenade launcher

HIT M-84 Armored Water Assault Craft

Equipped with a variety of missiles and two 60mm railguns

HIT Longbow Gunship

1 30mm chaingun

2 12.7mm chainguns

8 Air to air missiles

8 tankbuster missiles

HIT M10 Aerial Assault Gunship

Fast and maneuverable, the M10 is intended as an infantry assault gunship. It is armed with:
1 30mm gatling gun
2 12.7x120mm chainguns
3 tankbuster missiles
3 air to air missiles

Peregrine Anti-Tank Ground Attack Unit

 The Peregrine is a formidable air-to-ground anti-tank aerodyne It is used by the Empires military in a support and anti-armor role to hunt tanks and support advances. The Peregrine has design elements from a mixture of modern VTOL aircraft, most prominently the Harrier Jump-Jet, and attack helicopter gunships such as the AH-64 Apache and the AH-1 Cobra. It consists of an elongated fuselage with stubby wings on each side of it. The cockpit is forward mounted, and the tail section juts out from behind the fuselage at a downward angle. Each wing incorporates a ducted air fan for lift and thrust, and carries three missiles/rockets on pylons on each wing. Each wing also carries a twin auto-cannon, with a dual auto-cannon mounted underneath the cockpit. The Peregrine is a fast and maneuverable aircraft. It uses ducted fans in the wings for propulsion rather than tilting jet thrusters, and is equipped with wing-mounted GUA-23/AW/Linkless Feed Autocannons and a nose-mounted M6 laser which takes up the length of the entire aircraft excluding the tailpiece, excelling at anti-vehicle operations but more than capable of engaging most types of units easily.

Vulture Anti-Tank Ground Attack Unit

A slow unit which can take massive amounts of damage before destruction, the Vulture is the largest ground-based aircraft. It is able to fight against both air and ground units due to its weapon configuration (Argent V MissilePods for aircraft, GUA Autocannons for ground units). Thanks to its "Barrage" ability, it can deliver massive damage to slow and/or static units. The Vulture main drawbacks are its cost and the large amount of time it takes to build one; it is also vunerable to fast counterattacks and very hard to repair. It is suspended by a series of ducted fans visible near the rear of the aircraft, or jet engines. Two ducts underneath the vulture barely visible make it able to hover. It is slower than other aircraft, such as the Hawk, but is armed with a number of devastating missile artillery pods for engaging enemy ground and air units, able to fire off huge barrages of missiles, as well as a pair of humm-mounted autocannons. It has a Mega Barrage, potentially doubling its barrage power, which allows double the amount of its destructive missiles to be launched in one strike.