VSF Spirit of Evolution, Sister Ship of the DE Spirit of Ruin

The Vvrkresh Imperial Starfleet Flag Ship, Command ship of Admiral of the Fleet Lorani Spock.

the Spirit of Evolution is a Stand Alone Battle Ready Fleet capable of Carrying 50,000,000 Troops right to the Front Lines. a Multi-Role Command Ship, Planet Cracker,  and Mammoth Carrier. the Ship is over 15 miles Long and 7 miles wide. It weighs approximately 540,000,000 Tonnes. capable of .75 Lightspeed it has Fully Capable Hyperspace/Slipspace and the Newest Quasi Dimensional Gateway technology.

Powered by 5 Zero Point Enegry Matrix Powerplants it can generate the Power of a Small star while the Latest in Energy Efficiency Technology require only a fraction of the possible power output, when brought into battle the ship can deliver the Maximum output of its Powerplants to reinforce the Liquid Nanite Shield that protects the Mammoth ship or to the tens of thousands of repulsor cannons spotting it hull. its thickest section of Hull Being on the sides and front where it will be in direct line of sight from enemy warships is several Meters thick as a Fall Back should the Shields fail. with 10,450 Ion Diffusion Cannons spotted across its hull it can vaporize thousands of fighters or bombers in a matter of a few minutes. 

Laden with a Triple Barrel Super MAC Cannon, the Hellblade Weapon system, 2 Dark Plasma Cannons, 4 SHEEVA Missile Racks, and the Galaxies newest Nova Cannon, the Spirit Of Evolution can shatter an entire fleet and destroy a planet. It can carry 11,000 Vengeance Class Long Range Bombers, 47,000 Warbird Class Heavy Fighters and 63,000 Nemesis Class Fighters

The Xion Class Star Destroyer

The second largest ship in our fleet, and the largest ship ever produced by HI TECH inc. It has liquid nanite and plasma shielding, deflector shields and a tractor beam. For armament it has the Hellblade Weapon system, a SuperDES cannon that can completely obliterate a planet, concussion missiles, proton torpedos,  two Dark Matter Super MAC cannons, two bombardment lasers, over 800 turbo DES cannons, over 450 quad turbo DES cannons and over 250 quad heavy turbo DES cannons.
It is over twelve miles long and a little less than four miles wide. It's primary purpose is to destroy planets and obliterate fleets, but it can hold 590,000 troops and over 1,000 dropships. It also holds 80 Vengeance Class Bombers and as many as 1,280 fighters, depending on the class. It carries three pre fabricated bases. It has a crew of 5,040 and a class 1.2 hyperdrive.

We have 17 of these in our fleet, Draknor's Wrath, Altari's Hand, Ruin's Grip, The Might Of Karnage, The Hunger Of Ravenous, VolJinn's Anger, The Strength of Levias, Malek's Grasp, Drizzt's Blade, Arcana's Weave, Fury's Reach, The Wisdom of Durus, The Unity of Vvrkresh, The Dragon's Claw, Griffin's Talon, Saber Tooth and The Shades of Grey.

Faragut Class Dreadnaught/Carrier

         The Faragut Class is capable of carrying as many as 260,000 troops, 860 APCs loaded onto dropships, 42 Huxley Class Gunships or 68 Vengeance Class Light Gunships and 540 + of any of our fighters. They are hyperspace and slipspace capable and are equipped with the Hellblade weapon system, a Bombardment Laser(a long range cannon, capable of immense destruction, for more info go to Kutath's website, Ship Weapons page), proton torpedo bays, concussion missile bays, plasma cannons, long range turbo ion cannons, Quad Turbo DES Cannons, Quad Heavy Turbo DES Cannons and a twin barreled Dark Matter Magnetic Acceleration Gun.
        Not only do they have a state of the art missile defense system, they also have plasma shield and liquid nanite shield technology and are equipped with a tractor beam. It carries two prefabricated bases. They are almost six miles long and are a little less than two and 1/3 miles wide in the back. It has a crew of 2,324. It has a class 2 hyperdrive.
We have 975 of these in our fleet.

Pegasus Class Carrier

The Pegasus Class is designed to carry massive amounts of troops and dropships. At maximum capacity they can carry up to 1 million troops and 1,800 dropships. They are equipped with concussion missile bays, proton torpedo bays and a variety of DES cannons, have plasma and liquid nanite shielding, a DES missile defense system and have a crew of 2,500. The Pegasus class is 6.8 miles long and 3.2 miles wide. It has a class 2 hyperdrive and a slipstream drive. We have 1,040 in our fleet.

Lolth Class Destroyer

With a long range anti capitol ship(LRACS)DES cannon, dark plasma cannons, over 200 turbo DES cannons, 90 quad turbo DES cannons, 70 quad heavy turbo cannons, long range turbo ion cannons, LRACS DES cannon, 15 concussion missile bays and more than 2 dozen proton torpedo bays, not to mention it's Dark Matter magnetic acceleration gun, the Lolth Class can pack a punch, and two or three more if need be. And to top things off, it has a tractor beam.
It is hyperspace/slipspace capable, has a plasma shield and liquid nanite shield and can hold 50 thousand troops. It can also hold as many as 460 APCs loaded onto dropships. It is just under three and a half miles long, and over one mile wide. It has a crew of 1,448. It has a class 2 hyperdrive.
We have 1,950 of these in our fleet.

Do'Urden Class Ship

Meter for meter, the Do'Urden Class is possibly the finest ship that HI TECH inc. has yet to produce. It is nowhere near the size of the Xion, Faragut or Lolth Class ships, but it can pulverize most capitol ships with one shot of it's Dark Matter Mini MAC cannon or LRACS DES Cannon, and it has a cloaking device that can get past almost any radar, dradas, etc. It has deflector shields, liquid nanite shields and a plasma shield.
It is armed with a MINI MAC cannon, concussion missiles, proton torpedos, a LRACS DES cannon, quad heavy turbo cannons and quad turbo cannons. It has hyperspace and slipspace capability. It is mostly used for our special forces, including the Dark Matukai and Mer'ghi. The Sith Brigade uses it as well. Besides the groups mentioned, only the Supreme Valuk and select top ranking officers use it. It has a crew of 185, and can hold up to 900 troops. It has a class .08 hyperdrive.

The Jester Class Destroyer

The main goal of the Jester Class is destroying capitol ships. With it's LRACS DES cannon and Dark Matter MAC gun it achieves that goal. It also has concussion missiles, proton torpedos, dark plasma cannons and a variety of DES cannons. It is .96 miles long and has a cloaking device, plasma shielding, deflector shields, hyperdrive and slipstream drive. It has a crew of 260 and has a class 1.3 hyperdrive.
We have 8,950 of these in our fleet.

Hume Class Cruiser

A little more than .89 miles long, the Hume Class has 48 of our new Quad Heavy Turbo DES cannons, 1 dark matter Mini MAC gun 1 long range turbo ion cannon, concussion missile bays and proton torpedo bays. It has plasma shielding, nanite shielding and hyperspace/slipspace capability and can hold 60 fighters, 5,000 troops and 70 APCs loaded onto dropships. It has a crew of 330 and a class 1.2 hyperdrive.
We have 9,300 of these in our fleet.

Eagle Class Stealth Cruiser/Carrier

Equipped with Dark Plasma cannons, a long range turbo ion cannon, DES cannons, concussion missile and proton torpedo bays and an LRACS DES cannon. It has liquid nanite shielding and advanced stealth systems including cloaking shields. The Eagle Class can hold 90 fighters, is .80 miles long, is hyperspace(class 1 hyperdrive)/slipspace capable and has a crew of 200. We have 2,860 of these in our fleet.

Colony Class Cruiser

Used to transport massive amounts of people and/or cargo. During wartime they are sometimes pressed into service to transport massive amounts of troops and supplies once a planet has been secured. They can hold up to 5 million troops and 20 pre-fabricated bases, are hyperspace capable and have light armament and shields. They are 8 miles long and 3 1/2 miles wide and have a crew of 2,180.
We have 800 of these in our fleet.

Diplomat Class Cruiser

This ship was built with speed and comfort in mind, as it was designed to transport civilians, mainly high ranking officials, from planet to planet during peacetime. It has 1 restaurant, 1 swimming pool, 2 spas, and a variety of other luxuries aboard. And it has a variety of cabins to accommodate almost any of the more common sentient species. But it has some armament as well, including 2 turbo DES cannons and 3 plasma torpedos bays. It has a crew of 400 and a class 1.3 hyperdrive.
We have 510 of these in our fleet

The Grand Imperial Fleets

We have 8 active duty and 10 reserve duty Grand Imperial Fleets, one(active duty) led by The Spirit of Evolution with Admiral of the Starfleet Lorani Spock at the helm and the others led by one Xion Class ship each, with an Admiral at the helm of each. Each Grand Imperial Fleet(GIF) is named after it's flagship and is split into 4 Battle Groups each consisting of 25% of each class in the GIF, making a grand total of 72 Battle Groups each led by a Rear Admiral. We have other, independent Battle Groups led by Rear Admirals with various structures depending on their purpose. The Grand Imperial Fleets are structured as follows:

1 Flagship(one Spirit or Xion class ship)

48 Faragut Class Dreadnaught/Carriers (12 per Battle Group)

40 Pegasus Class Carriers (10 per Battle Group)

100 Lolth Class Destroyers (25 per Battle Group)

400 Jester Class Destroyers (100 per Battle Group)

460 Hume Class Cruisers (115 per Battle Group)

100 Eagle Class Cruiser/Carriers (25 per Battle Group)

200 Falcon Class Heavy Gunships (50 per Battle Group)



A joint project of Kutath and Demaga the SHEEVA Strategic Weapon System was always a favored trump card by Demagan Commanders but a more direct method of negating strong enemy warship shielding was required to punch holes in enemy fleets and defensive positions, thus a directional shock wave device was needed.
Working on the principle of a shaped charge explosive device, the HELLBLADE is a multi neutron warhead missile that has been upgraded with a directional magnetic propulsion device known as the HellBlade. The same technology used on the Magnetic Array Grappling Line on board the Spirit of Evolution and the Spirit of Ruin it uses massive magnetic fields to shape and direct the blast wave of a neutron device from a dispersing and expanding wave into a thin and fast ribbon of massive energy.
Each device is equipped with four warheads and in turn sets off a cross patter of expanding rings that are so devastating that they can overpower an enemy warship's shield and carve clean through the hull and bulkhead. If caught within the effective range of the device a warship will be literally cut in half or shattered. Not exactly stealthy due to their shape, when used appropriately they will deliver a deadly blow to near any fleet.

long range anti capitol ship directed energy system cannon (LRACS DES cannon)

The LRACS DES cannon is what it says, a weapon designed to take out capitol ships. Though it is still useful for taking out ground targets if need be. It has an advanced targeting system and can pierce most shield systems and hulls, literally tearing the average capitol ship apart.  

Our MAC and Railgun Shells

Our MAC and railgun shells used on our capitol ship cannons are made from tungsten and ferric and are coated with dark matter, allowing them to easily pierce energy shields. Some are equipped with neutron directional blast devices which detonate when the slug has partially penetrated the hull of it's target. The slugs differ widely in their measurement, depending on the cannon. They range from 1.5 meters by 2.4 meters to 3.8 meters by 5.9 meters

Planetary Orbital Defense Stations

Equipped with the Hellblade weapon system, point DES anti missile batteries, ion cannons, long range anti capitol ship DES cannons, proton torpedos, concussion missiles, dark plasma cannons and turbo DES cannons. They have liquid nanite and plasma shielding and are EMP and ion blast proof. They orbit our inhabited planets, and some of our uninhabited planets. They are 22 miles tall and 11 miles wide. Our Arcana shields and portals are maintained from the PDS's