Vassal Agreement with the Arcan Federation

We, the nation of the Arcan Federation, agree to swear our country's and her government's loyalty to the Galactic Empire of Vvrkresh and the Ruling House of Do'Urden, to serve the Empire and the Ruling House as long as a citizen draws breath in our nation. We accept a garrison of Vvrkresh troops into our nation, of a number that is deemed sufficient by the Supreme Ruler of the Empire. We accept the Empera Crown as our nation's currency, to be used for inter-galactic transactions, though we may keep our current currency for transactions within our borders. We accept the sovereign rule of the Supreme Ruler of the Empire and the control of our economy and gross national product by the Empire in times of emergency and/or war, though our present government will stay in place to oversee our nation in other wise peaceful conditions.

We swear to defend the honor of the Empire with the life's blood of our nation's military, and any of her citizens if need be. Our military shall be ready for deployment when the Empire has need of it, and any adjustments the Empire sees fit to carry out in our nation's military or government will be accepted without question. Disloyalty on the part of our nation in any form will be punished as the Supreme Ruler sees fit.

In return, we will have the protection of Vvrkresh, access to any and all of the learning institutions of Vvrkresh, access to the same quality free health care that the natives of Vvrkresh enjoy, and employment in any and all Vvrkresh businesses. The Galactic Empire of Vvrkresh has trade agreements with many powerful nations and empires, our vassal states will benefit greatly from these.

The Galactic Empire of Vvrkresh has free counseling centers for the mentally handicapped that will be implemented in our nation, and our citizens will have access to Vvrkresh's disability programs for those that are mentally and/or physically disabled. And our nation will have limited to unfettered access to Vvrkresh's military equipment and vehicles for our nation's use, depending on the judgment of the Supreme Ruler.

Signatures of the Vassal State: Ravi "Ravenous" Drexmera, Valshar of the Drexmera Dynasty
                                                         Nikita Petrenko-Drexmera, Valsharess of the Petrenko Dynasty
                                                         Kellee Petrenko-Redeker, Valsharess of the Redeker Dynasty

Signatures of the Vvrkresh Empire: Durus Balara Do'Urden, Over-Ventash'ma of the Orders of the Dark Qu'el'faeruks and Supreme Valuk of the Empire
                                                               Felyndiira A'Daragon, Chief Secretary of Diplomatic Relations
                                                              Belaern Daevion'lyr, Ul'Saruk of the Imperial Armed Forces