These are some of the many species/races from allied Empires and Nations with a significant presence in Vvrkresh, mostly as exchange students but a few have become citizens.

The Necropyre(from Demaga)(about 285,000)

Rasa is in the Center
Modeth is on the Left
Sorrehn is on the Right

Haerin Rasa the Originator of the Necropyre (pronounced Necro-peer) and all descendants of his have the same physique and traits.

Normally a quiet and reclusive species, they are natural warriors and have a proud and noble history of honor and courage. Known for their vast and powerful military and strong culture, Necropyre are surprisingly quite nurturing and compassionate to their own kind and those they view as brothers in blood. Having formed a Honor pact with the Drow and Nihili and as a sign of brotherhood, they were taught the ancient Mer'ghi Arts and the Sai'vo Rituals of Sword Craft.

The Angelis(from Anubis)(about 260,000)

Or Nephilim as they were once known. Are a people of the Arcane and Ruling Race of the Anubis Universe. Always seeking ways to further their knowledge and increase their magical power and progress. The Angelis are a long living race, the population is largely dominated by females, only 25% of the entire Angelis population are male. Of that percentage 2% are of the royal family. The Angelis are a peaceful people slow to anger, The Angelis take pride in their beauty and their grace. Being a winged people they hold great advantages on the battle field, agile, quick and powerful. The Angelis are also lovers of science and technology infusing the arcane arts with modern technology is what marks the true uniqueness of the Angelis technology everything is developed with this infusion, from small forms of architecture to weapons and vehicles.

The Anovkovans(from Anovkova)(about 78,000)

    Stretching from St. Petersburg in Russia west to the eastern border of Germany, and from the North sea south to the Black sea;
native Anovkovans can trace their ancestors to the early inhabitants of this area; first settled by Rurik, a Nordic Prince in the 9th century.
    Rurik had four sons, and each ruled a region within an area that includes most of present day eastern Europe east to the Urals.
Kubara, a son of Rurik, ruled the largest region - present day Anovkova.
    Given their Nordic roots, many present day Anovkovans have blond or red hair and blue or green eyes.
During the late 11th century people from present day Turkey migrated into the region; followed by
an influx of people from the regions around the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea in the 12th century.
This added exotic hair/eye color combinations to the native population and black, auburn or brown hair with blue, green or hazel eyes is not uncommon among today's native Anovkovans.
    Men are average to above average height, and average weight. The women are generally slim/average height and weight.
    They are described as a "fit" people; very few are overweight.
Due to their ancestry and the many variations in hair and eye color; Anovkovan women are among the most attractive in eastern Europe.

WereWolfens(Rebelion)(about 90,000)

One of great strength and dexterity, the Werewolfen is one of the hardiest species around. Having 'fire' and 'ice' producing glands both in their mouths/nostrils, and spread throughout their body, they can survive a great many climates, and have a fire and ice like breath. Their natural senses are almost unmatched. They have night vision-like sight, their nose is comparable to that of a shark, and their hearing to that of a bat.

A strong willed species, in general, they only adhere to a social order, or mentality for either personal pleasure, or ease of living conditions, and have no problem functioning alone, for extended periods of time, or even their whole lifetime. Being an individualistic species, they consider most situations presented to them before they act, even if it seems otherwise.

Any WereWolfens living outside of Rebelion are, generally speaking, outcasts. These include the Sith/Dark(being the largest majority of outcasts) Rebelionites that simply broke off from Rebelion. They are by far considered the more intelligent and powerful of the splinter groups. Although not a great portion, those living outside of Rebelion are also racist, narcissistic, power hungry lunatics who want nothing more than their own empire.

Hominid Queran(from Orwyn)(about 73,000)

An in-between race of human and Necropyre made by Q thousands of years ago. After he tired of looking over human nations he made his own race combining the best of two races. Hominid Queran are a strong race that thrives in some of the most unlivable conditions in the multiverse. They are very smart in part to the Orwyn education system. In the last few hundred years many Hominid Queran have begun looking down on the human race as they have noticed the flaws in them.

Hominid Queran life is full of tradition and formalities. Even though they look down on humans they will hear their voices and listen to them. Because Hominid Queran are made from Q they are masters at debate and they always enjoy being in a heated discussion. As the children of Q the Hominid Queran blood is sliver where as Q's blood is gold. The beauty of Hominid Queran is not well known as they tend to dress in formal suits and robes that are heavy and hide them selfs well. Hominid Queran DNA is hard to get a hold of because when they are killed their blood turns into pure solid sliver and the DNA is destroyed.

The Wolven(from Wolfengarden)(about 102,000)

Shown is a typical Wolfengarden Citizen, referred to as a Wolven. They are a species derived from the genetic alteration of homo sapiens. Wolf DNA was added to a great affect, and the populace became a very resilient, powerful race bred for war and battle. They boast a great combination of tactical thought and physical strength. Most Wolvens wear their hair long, and it can be either black or silver. All of it turns gray around the 90th birthday of a Wolven.

The Atlanteans(Isles of Atlantis)(34,000)

11,600 years ago the island continent of Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Gibraltar. The Atlanteans were an advanced civilization making great technological strides. They had learned to harness the power within crystals and this allowed them to control the elements of nature. As an advanced civilization they became rich and influential. Their influence reached as far as northern Africa and western Europe.
In the 6th century BC envious nations, led by the powerful Greek army, marched in conquest against Atlantis. Using the power of the crystals and their knowledge of nature, the Atlanteans caused a great upheaval halting the advancing armies. It is written in the history of Atlantis, "volcanoes erupted spewing their ashes far into the heavens. In the same moment the earth shook with such violence that the world rocked upon it's axis. The sky blackened as though it were night and men walked in the shadows of death."
Amid the chaos, Atlantis cloaked itself and slipped beneath the sea. The great philosopher Plato was allowed to visit Atlantis. As was Solon, who was given a detailed history of Atlantis. Their people, the land dwellers, have dismissed the accounts of these great men as myths and folklore.
Since slipping beneath the sea, Atlanteans have built a wonderful civilization. They have migrating islands that move at will. Their vessels allow them to travel beneath the water, ascend into the skies and then transcend the heavens. When these vessels are reported by land dwellers they are dismissed as fantasy. Often referred to as UFOs and USOs.
The people of Atlantis appear as very human except for the eye color. The eyes of Atlanteans are much lighter than a typical humans.

The Wraith(From Alterra)(About 22,000)

The Wraith are a species that evolved from the ancient ancestors of the Alterrans, the Eden and a predatory insect that extracted life energy from it's prey to survive. They are super strong, fast, and dangerous. The palm of their hand is where they feed, so it is wise to avoid getting too close to that

Bryanskians(from Bryansk)(About 30,000)

Historically, it is said that opposing

armies “dared not go through the forests of

Bryansk because the ferocity of the people in the region was legendary."

”If you went in, you were never seen again.”

The Polish army tried to take the area in the 12th century. 18,000 Polish troops went up against approx 4,000 Bryansk area residents.

No Polish troops returned.

It is said they threw any prisoners into pits of wolves, bears or wild dogs for entertainment!
The people called the Kurgan originated in the Bryansk region. Also the Cossacks (and we know they were nuts.)

“Let’s cut our enemies’ heads off, party, drink Vodka and hold blanket tosses on the still blood drenched battlefield while kicking their heads around.”

The founding of Bryansk as a separate entity was because of the Economic Crisis in the early 21st Century. Fueled by "Nationalism", a revolution transpired against the Russian Government. The country won its independence after the "Battle of Trubchevsk" in which the Rebel General "Keyser Söze" defeated the Russian Army in one of the bloodiest battle in human history.